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Wickerpedia 27.06.16 Wickerpedia 27.06.16
Posted: 27th June 2016
Group Grading - tomorrow Tuesday is the last chance to put ...
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Sunday Women Only Classes Sunday Women Only Classes
Posted: 25th June 2016
Two great classes again tomorrow only £2 per class per person. 2-3pm ...
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Women Only Classes Women Only Classes
Posted: 18th June 2016
Two great classes planned for tomorrow. 2-3 Thai Circuit to blow your ...
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Wickerpedia 14.06.16 Wickerpedia 14.06.16
Posted: 14th June 2016
Group Grading - the next group grading is on Sunday 3rd ...
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Sunday Classes Sunday Classes
Posted: 11th June 2016
Micks Clinchwork 11-12. Open to all students to develop their nexk ...
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Charity Sparring Talibe Trust Charity Sparring Talibe Trust
Posted: 29th May 2016
A fantastic event with some great bouts of sparring. Thank you ...
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Varsity Interclub Varsity Interclub
Posted: 26th April 2016
Well done to all those who participated in the varsity interclub on ...
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Fight Results Sheffield Fight Results Sheffield
Posted: 17th April 2016
Sam Humphries just lost on points against a lad from Jim ...
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Team Sparring Event Team Sparring Event
Posted: 29th May 2015
A big thank you to everyone who took part and came ...
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Wickerpedia Wickerpedia
Posted: 21st April 2015
Pride Park - James Pierce had an outstanding performance against Kavan ...
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