Mehdi Firoozi British Champion


Mehdi wins British Title

Congratulations to Mehdi Firoozi who became the new Light Heavyweight British Champion beating Gareth Brady (Master A’s Camp).

The fight was the final bout of the evening and Gareth had loads of support. Mehdi was really nervous, he was 3kg lighter, less experienced (10th fight)and he’d also agreed to put up his English Title belt, so the pressure was on.

After a cautious start both fighters started scoring and Mehdi caught Gareth in the 1st round with a right hook, it didn’t rock him but he stumbled and this gave Mehdi the confidence he needed. In the 2nd Gareth caught Mehdi with some strong punches and Mehdi landed some solid leg kick combinations and a couple of good elbows. It was a tough battle with both fighters being dangerous all the time. The 3rd round saw Mehdi unleash some good combinations and again landed a solid leg kick (full shin) to Gareth’s left leg. Gareth fell to the canvas and was unable to continue.
Thank you to Master A for this opportunity and to Gareth Brady who’s proved to be a great fighter.

A fantastic performance Mehdi and what a year, an English Title and two British Titles, well done.X

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