Interclub Bury Saturday 17th Nov


Just to say thank you and well done to all our junior and senior students (listed below) who travelled to Bury to take part in Darren Philips Interclub. Everyone performed very well and represented Wicker Camp in a professional manner. We know how terrifying it can be (especially for those Beginner students) and we thought you all showed excellent skill and control and behaved in a sportsmanlike manner. Look forward to the next one wherever it may be.

A BIG thank you to Darren Philips who got all our students matched and ran the Interclub very smoothly (although looked very stressed at times) and managed to get finished for 4.30pm.

Hiren Patel, Dean Wilson, Rob Straw, Dom Mcintosh, Richard Hague, Oliver Ellis-Middleton, Ryan Yule, Mark Waddington, Tim Mehta,  Ash Noton, Jeremy Hirst, Andrew Goodrick, Shaik Mohammed, Adam Johnson, Ben Moran-Healy, Qasim, Georgina Alsop, Lindy Warnes, Rachel Clements, Ashley Richards, Christopher Chung, Matthew Walker, Matthew Brown, L J Gerrard, George Gregory.

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