Wolverhampton Civic Hall 11th Nov MUAYTHAI SUPERFIGHTS


The MuayThai Superfights show at Wolverhampton Civic Hall hosted the must see fight of 2007. The showdown between our very own Haji Imran Khan and the number 1 in the UK, Richard Cadden; and what an amazing fight it turned out to be. Also from Wicker Camp was up and coming star Thomas McCormick who proved he is a force to be reckoned with.

Thomas stepped into the ring 1st to face the experienced Yogendra Parekh. Yogi is a superb fighter, but we felt he wasn’t in the best shape for this fight (thankfully)had he been, Thomas would have had a much tougher fight. Tom used his reach to keep him at distance, working to Yogi’s body and legs with his strong teep, landing some solid leg kicks and showing very good skill in the clinch. Mick wanted to see Thomas use a range of different skills in this fight to develop his timing in the clinch and test his defence against a very strong puncher. Thomas won every round easily on points over 5 x 2 min rounds. Good exposure for Tom on a big show.

Imran was very nervous. I think he felt the pressure was on to prove what everyone at Wicker Camp expected, that he would beat Richard easily. In the changing rooms he paced nervously, doubting his ability and his preparation. The truth is, Imran was in the best shape of his life. Private tuition twice per day with Mick for the past 8 weeks (even during Ramadam), ensured that he was extremely well prepared. The fight didn’t start that slowly, both fighters were eager to stamp their own aggressive intentions. Not many realise that Imran is a consummate master of defence, it is very hard to hit him. Cadden tried but Imran’s blocks were up like lightening. His hand speed is awesome, his power surprising and his knees and elbows are absolutely devastating. It was no surprise to us when Imran cut him early in the 1st round and dropped him with another sharp powerful elbow that forced the Doctor to stop the fight. John Blackledge the Referee, as ever the experienced Pro, stepped in and insisted the Doctor examine the cut.

A final word about Richie Cadden – I know he was disappointed, who wouldn’t be. He is still the great fighter he was before this. I don’t think he’s past it or over the hill, I don’t think that he is lacking in skill or any of the things critics may think to say about him. This fight was all about style, a matching of different styles. Richard is such a nice lad. He is also a noble ambassador for our sport, always a gentleman, proud in his many great victories and gracious in this one defeat.

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