New Generation Novice Show


Congratulations to all those who fought on the Novice Show at the gym on Sunday 24th February. The day was a great success and everyone had a great time.

LJ (Jordan Gerrard) 12yrs old had tough opponent Jade from Phil Glovers Camp in Rotherham. Jade started very strong and aggresive and took LJ by surprise with a flying push kick. The fight was fast and both fighters showed good strong technique, however Jade being the heavier was too strong for LJ in the end and took a points victory.

Chicara Gerrard 11yrs old also had a very tough opponent, Storm from Deaton Josephs Camp in Chesterfield. Storm was heavier, older and more experienced than Chicara who fought well and very bravely. Storm was aggressive and pushed forward for all 3 rounds, Chicara coped extremely well against a bigger opponent and did well to last all 3 rounds, she lost on points.

Lewis Lazenby (14yrs old) fought Steven Clarke (18yrs old) from Sai Varley’s Camp in Derby. This was the only match we could get for Lewis and Steven kindly agreed to fight under junior rules. Giving 6kg away Lewis performed extremely well and showed good skill and technique. A good learning fight for Lewis who lost on points.

Jaz Meates 14yrs old English Champion unfortunately was unable to get a match. He did 2 demo bouts with Jake from Derby and Daniel France from Paul Timmins’s Camp. He will be fighting in Birmingham on the 15th March. Good Luck.

Jen Louis 50kg fought Lucy Burton 51kg from Sai Varley’s. This was Jen’s 1st fight and not being naturally aggressive she was very nervous. The 1st round saw Jen unleash a barrage of non-stop punches and kicks on Lucy who was overwhelmed and was forced to retire in the 1st round. Everyone who knows Jen will agree that she certainly got her head together for this fight. Fantastic result and can’t wait to see the all new Jen next time!!!

Richard Worth 62kg fought Vargas 60kg from Master A’s Camp in Manchester. This was a well matched fight with both fighters using strong punch and kicking combinations. This was Richards 1st fight and he kept calm and gave a solid performance, the decision was very close and Richard won on points.

Ben Moran-Healy (16yrs old). This was Ben’s 1st senior fight and we were all really nervous for him. He fought Kyle Mason (1st timer) from Sai Varley’s gym in Derby. A well matched fight with both fighters weighing the same although Ben had a good height advantage. An excellent novice fight with both fighters looking dangerous all the time, Ben landed strong leg kicks and used his reach very well. A great performance from Ben who took the decision on points.

James Ogden  (19yrs old) 79kg fought Andy Potterton 78kg from Master A’s. This was James’s 1st fight and he had trained really hard losing 10kg to get into great shape for this fight. The fight was well matched and technical with both fighters using strong punches and kicks. James’s footwork and defence was very good and overall he proved the sharper fighter landing strong punches and leg kicks throughout the fight. An excellent 1st fight for James who won on points.

Max 83kg fought Marcin 83kg from John Craigs in Scotland. This was definitely the fight of the day with both fighters giving everything they had. Marcin was much taller than Max and had a very aggressive unorthodox style. He came steaming out for the 1st round taking Max by surprise throwing fast wild punches and kicks without any consequence. Max had to use his footwork to keep moving to survive, he landed a great body kick in the 2nd and some strong punches in the 3rd. The fight was fast and furious with both fighters desparately trying to land big shots and end this all out war early. Marcin took the 1st two rounds with Max coming back in the 3rd rocking Marcin who did well to stay on his feet. This was a real crowd pleaser and one of the most exciting fights we’ve seen for a long time. Max showed courage and determination against a tough aggressive opponent. The judges found little to separate these 2 and gave it a draw.

 Jamie Shepherd 64kg fought Ian Robinson 65kg from Craig Willis’s Hanuman Camp. Ian was more experienced than Jamie and this was a good test for Jamie fighting 5 rounds for the 1st time. A great technical and skilful fight with both fighters using all round techniques. Ians leg and body kicks were fast whilst Jamie caught Ian with some strong straight punches through his guard. A great fight to watch, this proved Jamie Shepherd has definitely stepped up a mark and against an excellent opponent just lost the decision on points.

Grant Goodison 60kg fought Laurence 60kg from Hanuman Camp. Grant took this fight at one weeks notice and had only been training a few weeks for a fight next month. He started very strong and caught Laurence with fast punch and kick combinations. For the 1st 3 rounds Laurence fought back well but Grant looked in control the whole time. The 4th round went to Laurence as Grant looked tired and weak and couldn’t do much. Grant came back a little in the 5th and fortunately had done enough in the early rounds to take the decision on points.

Dave Kantor 79kg fought Stuart Henderson 85kg from Scotland. This was a rematch on the day as both fighters had lost their opponents. Stuart being taller, heavier and more experienced than Dave was a hard opponent and he had his work cut out. The fight was 5 rounds and Dave fought a thinking fight using his footwork and movement to get in and out of range to score on this awkward opponent. Stuart used his reach very well and landed strong knees in the clinch but Dave kept his cool and kept picking Stuart off with fast accurate kicks and punches. A good fight with Dave taking the decision closely on points.

We would like to thank Wicker Camp fighters and supporters for making the day so exciting and enjoyable. The gym was packed out and there was a great friendly atmosphere and that’s how it should be.

A big thank you to all the Instructors and fighters that travelled to Sheffield to support our show.

Finally THANK YOU to our team of people who help on the day: Darren Castledine Referee, Pete McCormick Fight Inspector, Patrick Morgan, Helene Garnett, Diane McCormick, Daniel Hudson, James Burtenshaw, Andy Goodrick, Cyprus Phipps, Dr. Hassan Sultani, Dr. Dave McGouran.

Action pictures and DVD footage to follow.

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