East End Park, Leeds


Hiren Patel (58kg, 1fight) fought Loz Reilly (Hanuman Camp, 60kg, 5fights) on Saturday 19th April. This was a great fight and both fighters looked very skilful and dangerous. Hiren used his push kick to the face really well whilst Loz was really strong in the clinch. Both fighters were knocked down by strong punches and took 8 counts, Loz in the 2nd and Hiren in the 4th. Hiren was very skilful for his 2nd fight and gained alot of respect from supporters of both camps. In the end Loz just proved too strong for Hiren and took the decision on points. A good fight for Hiren who promises to be a star of the future for Wicker Camp.

Qasim ‘Q’ (54kg, 1st fight) fought Luke Kennedy (Mike Tobins Camp, 54kg, 1st fight). This was a good 1st fight for both fighters. Qasim, who has a very unorthodox style started very strong landing some good punches and solid kicks. Luke was trying to land some big punches but Qasims footwork and movement was too good. By the 3rd round Luke had found his range and was catching Q with some solid jabs and kicks. Q started to look tired by the 4th and 5th, he was still in the fight but couldn’t quite match Luke kick for kick, punch for punch. A good fight with the decision going to Luke on points. With his 1st fight out of the way Q promises to be back fitter and stronger.  

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