Birmingham Results


Mehdi Firoozi (77kg) fought Shaun Lomas (78kg) from Combat Sports (Sheffield) on Saturday 26th April at the Tower Ballroom Birmingham for the ISKA British title. 

This was a strange fight as Shaun (an ex student/Instructor for Master A) has also trained at Wicker Camp for a short while last year. He then disappeared and reappeared running his own club asking to fight Mehdi! He’s had quite a bit of experience training and fighting in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Really confident and with a strong physique he was up for the fight.

Mehdi took his time expending as little energy as possible making Shaun miss and forcing him to chase Mehdi the whole fight. Mehdi landed one of his great head kicks in the 2nd and Shaun took an 8 count and recovered!! Shaun was relentless but Mehdi kept his cool and kept scoring with the knee and his hands. His performance wasn’t up to his usual standard but a unanimous decision awarded Mehdi yet another British title. 

Thomas Mc Cormick (63kg) fought Carl Copstake from K-Star (62kg) also for a ISKA British Title. Thomas is known for his skill and movement and this was no exception. Catching Carl with well timed pushkicks early in the fight and perfectly turning him in the clinch Thomas looked like this was his fight. Carl took everything in his stride and weathered the storms, he was relentless in his attacks and worked the whole fight. Thomas couldn’t match him for work rate and although Thomas was visibly the better fighter Carl earned the decision in the end.

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