Thomas McCormick vs Yodmongkon. Rajadamnoen Stadium Thailand.


A big congratulation to Thomas McCormick on a spectacular win at Ratchadamnoen Stadium on Sunday 22 June, against a much more experienced Bangkok fighter.

Thomas, 19 yrs, beat Yodmongkon,20 yrs, on points over 5 rounds at Ratchadamnoen’s “Farang” night. Thomas has had a lot of junior experience in the UK but only had 10 senior fights. This was never going to be easy for him facing the upcoming Bangkok pro with 70 fights under his belt !  He was announced into the ring as -“Thomas Wicker Camp UK !” Yodmongkon, his opponent, is the Promoter’s boy, which means he fights regularly on this Promoter’s bill at Ratchadamnoen Stadium.

Although the Thai was  very strong, Thomas was much sharper than the Thai and started scoring with strong kicks to the Thai’s legs and ribs. The Thai wanted to clinch but Thomas persistently scored with his knees and threw Yodmongkon to the canvas. The Thai came back with heavy punches, and furious kicks, but couldn’t land a clean shot on Thomas. By the start of the 5th round Thomas was the clear winner catching the Thai with strong kicks and a couple of good elbows. The fight was just about over with 1 minute to go, both fighters moving around the ring touching gloves, waiting for the final bell.

Some may think that “it’s only Farang night” (although Thomas was the ONLY Farang fighting…) and that it is not an important achievement for Thomas to win in Thailand; I don’t agree. I know that Thomas has much to learn about fighting, and this win doesn’t exactly make him Thailand champion, BUT it was an experience that will change Thomas for the better, and make him the great champion I know he will be, one day soon.

A BIG thank you to my old friend Jitti, who set up this fight for me, he also let Thomas train for 4 days at his camp, fed him, and got a massive discount on tickets for our 30 fabulous supporters at ringside.

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