Junior Sleepover


The sleepover went extremely well and everyone involved had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Jaz Meates, Helen Chung and Nanan Chung for their help and support and cheers Mick for one of your famous ghost stories that spooked most of the kids into silence and a few tears!!!! After endless events from the Thai Olympics and numerous games of hide and seek in the dark, pillow fights and sleeping bag races they eventually went to sleep at 5.30am.  I forgot to take a photograph in the morning as we were all so tired.

Thank you to the kids for being so well behaved: LJ and Chicara Gerrard, Nicole Smith, Sam and Thomas Humphries, Corey and Jordan Hewitt, Byron Denton, Connor Burdett, Christopher Chung, Ricky and Bradley Mac Donald, Matthew and Luke Brown, James Pierce and Charlie Leather.

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