Manchester 6th December 2008


Mehdi Firoozi vs Dougie Clarke (Fighting Fit Gym Scotland)

This was the last fight of the year and we were hoping for a good finish to 2008. Mehdi and Dougie weighed in at similar weights (Dougie looking in better shape), and they had similar ring experience. The fight started off slowly with both fighters feeling each other out.

Mehdi was the 1st to unleash a torrent of kicks and punches and caught Dougie with a solid punch. This gave Mehdi confidence and put Dougie on the back foot. Mehdi continued to come forward and attacked again with powerful punches and kicks and caught Dougie with a solid body kick to the ribs which dropped him instantly. Dougie was unable to stand on the 8 count and the refereee counted him out. A 1st round win by TKO was an excellent finish to the fight and the year. Well done Mehdi. Look out for him on the Octagon Show on the 29th March 2009.

Thanks to Dougie and the Fighting Fit Gym (James Graham) who are always friendly and to Pete Feeley the promoter.

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