Xmas Team Sparring 2008


Thank you to all our students for taking part and coming to support the Xmas Team Sparring, you helped raise £757 which will go towards insulating the gym.

The night was a great success and we were very pleased with the turn out. We had 20 bouts and everyone was fantastic and enjoyed competing. A big thank you to ‘Bear’ James Burke who captained the Red Team and to Majid Hussain who was the winning team captain, the Blue Corner. Also thank you to Jordan and Jaz Meates for their excellent refereeing skills and to Ben Moran-Healy for help with the raffle and sorting out the competitors along with Helene Garnett and Daniel Hudson. Thanks to Mr Pete McCormick who was the time keeper and thanks to Phung for her delicious Thai food.

We want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Mr Glen Leather who has raised £1200 for the gym for the new central heating system which can now be installed in the New Year. Events like this make the gym stronger and it is only with your continued support that these happen. Thank you to everyone and we wish you a Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year.

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