East End Park Leeds


Saturday 21st March

Lewis Lazenby (16) fought Josh Keogh from Saphire Gym over 5 x 1.5 minute rounds Junior rules (no head contact). This was a tough 3rd fight for Lewis and he was really nervous having only fought at Interclubs in the past. It was well fought with both fighters showing guts and determination throughout. Lewis had the edge in the clinch with some good take downs and was the more powerful fighter with solid punches and kicks to the body. By unanimous decision Lewis won on points.

James Adcock fought Rob Milner from Bad Company over 5 x 1.5 minute rounds. James started off very fast with a very high work rate and a determination to end the fight early. His opponent wasn’t having any of that and remained undeterred. The fight was very close with James landing solid body kicks and Rob landing strong punches to James’s face and good combinations. It was a real tough battle and at the end the judges decision was to Rob Milner on points. A fair decision with James realising he needs to relax more for his next fight.

Lindy Warnes fought Nora Finney from Tony Myers over 5 x 1.5 minute rounds. Nora was extremely tall and slim a good 5 inch taller and 2.5kg heavier, this was going to be a tough 1st fight for sure. Lindy started off very strong using her overhand punches and catching Nora a few times pushing her back. Nora had a well timed right body kick that was landing strong and solid to Lindy’s left side and used her reach very well with her punches. Struggling in the clinch due to the height advantage Lindy changed tactics and started to land some solid leg kicks in the 4th and 5th round but alas too late. A close and well fought fight going to Nora on points. An excellent performance against a very awkward opponent.

Thank you to our fighters who have trained very hard and shown great committment and determination, thanks to Pete McCormick our trusted corner man and Bear, and to Richard Smith and Lisa Houghton-Smith who promoted the show.

Pictures to follow.

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