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James Pierce (Wicker Camp) vs Aaron Robinson (Thanapron) – this was a junior novice fight 27kg over 3 rounds and Aaron, who took the fight at short notice was very nervous. Aaron started off well but as James stepped up the pace and landed some strong punches and kicks to the body it was too much for him and he conceded at the end of the 1st round.

Jaz Meates (Wicker Camp) vs Daniel France (Thanapron) – this was also a junior fight 54kg over 5 rounds and Daniel, who also took the fight at short notice weighed in much heavier although was less experienced than Jaz. This was a good fight with both fighters showing good skill and technique in the early rounds, Jaz landing the better kicks and Daniel strong in the clinch. Jaz dominated the fight especially in the last rounds with strong punches and well timed leg kicks which were clearly hurting Daniel and by the end of the last round he was finding it difficult to stand. A unanimous win to Jaz on points.

 Jamie Woodward (Wicker Camp) vs Kieron Woods (SMTC) – this was a novice fight set at 67kg over 3 rounds. Kieron weighed in at 71.2kg, 5kg heavier than Jamie. The first round saw both fighters trying to assert themselves throwing lots of fast explosive combinations. Jamie’s technique was sharper but Kieron was always dangerous. Jamie cleverly tied Kieron up in the clinch and worked his body and legs with good kicks and punches. Both fighters looked tired by the last round with Kieron coming back strong knowing Jamie was ahead. A unanimous decision to Jamie on points.

Jamie Shepherd (Wicker Camp) vs Matthew McDonnel (SMTC) – both fighters weighed in at 63.8kg and it was a novice fight over 5 rounds. The first 2 rounds were pretty even with Matthew throwing good solid punches and Jamie landing strong fast kicks to the body and legs. The Scottish fighter used his punches more than his kicks throughout the fight and Jamie was forced to clinch to stop the constant barrage of punches, this was a good tactic as Jamie was stronger in the clinch scoring well with the knee. In the last round Matthew didn’t relent on his punches and Jamie started to land solid kicks in exchange for the punches. This was an extremely close exciting fight to watch which could have gone both ways. Judges decision was Jamie on points.

James Ogden (Wicker Camp) vs Dougie Clarke (Fighting Fit) – this was a 78kg novice fight over 5 rounds however, James’s original opponent pulled out only days before the show, Dougie an experienced 78kg fighter from Scotland (12 fights) very kindly agreed to fight with only 3 days notice. Dougie started the first round very strong asserting himself with solid punching attacks to James’s head. Unfazed James covered up and used his footwork very well and countered with his own strong punches. Dougie confidently attacked with punch and kick combinations but James constantly fought the right fight showing an excellent defence and countering with strong punches to the head and solid kicks to the legs. Dougie was always dangerous but James kept his cool and picked him off and won on points. A fantastic victory for James.

Lewis Hill (Wicker Camp) vs Darren Wellwall (Kaufmann,Liverpool) – Unfortunately Darren was unable to fight due to injury. This was going to be Lewis’s debut fight returning to Wicker Camp 12 months ago from a 5 year lay off. Definitely one to watch out for he will hopefully fight in the next few weeks.

Rajesh Sallen (Team Fearless) vs David MacIntosh (Bad Company) – this was a 57kg fight over 5 rounds. A well matched fight with both fighters displaying good all round skill Dave being the better fighter and winning unanimously on points.  

Helene Garnett (Wicker Camp) vs Jorina Baars (Team Schrijber) – this was the main event, ISKA 66kg World Title fight over 5 rounds. Jorina has had 36 fights (33w) whilst this was Helenes 10th. Jorina came steaming out at Helene with all guns blazing in the first round, Helene covered up weathered the storm and came right back at her. A fast and furious fight with both girls kicking, punching and kneeing to the head. Helene caught Jorina with some solid punches to the face and some great head kicks and looked the stronger girl but Jorina was relentless and caught Helene with a strong knee to the face in the 4th round. This was a real bloody battle which was very close in the end and Helene just lost by 1 point.  

Thomas McCormick (Wicker Camp) vs Colm Jillaine (Cambridge Freefighters) – this was a 66kg fight over 5 rounds under full Thai rules. Colm was the more experienced fighter and weighed in 3kg heavier but Thomas was the much younger man. Thomas fought the right fight keeping the more aggressive and stronger Colm away, scoring and moving constantly. Colm was always dangerous and wanted to stand and trade but Thomas was too skilful and Colm was unable to pin Thomas down and he constantly walked on to punches, kicks and elbows throughout the fight sustaining a cut to the top of his head in the 3rd round. A unanimous decision to Thomas on points and full credit to Colm who is a very tough fighter.

Mehdi Firoozi (Wicker Camp) vs Shaun Lomas (BCS) – this was an ISKA 78kg Commonwealth Title fight and a rematch from last year when Mehdi fought Shaun in Birmingham and won. Mehdi took control of the fight from the first round and hit Shaun with everything in his arsenal, punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Shaun showed unstoppable fighting spirit and came back a couple of times landing a solid punch in the 3rd which Mehdi took an 8 count for. Mehdi steped up a gear in the 4th and 5th and out classed Shaun catching him with more solid punches and head kicks. A unanimous decision to Mehdi on points and credit must go to Shaun for being such a tough opponent.

Congratulations to all our fighters who have trained very hard over the last 2 months and a big thank you to everyone who helped the show run smoothly. A special thank you to Hassan (our Doctor), Pete McCormick for being Micks right hand, Daniel Hudson, Westley Smith, Darren Castledine, Ali Arshid, Bear (James Burke), Pooley (Mark Poole), Ben Moran-Healy for their help in the changing room and Sinead Gibney and Di McCormick for the help on the door.  

Check out highlights of the fights on youtube and the DVD of the whole show will be ready shortly from the gym, 01142795470.

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