Scotland Results Glasgow 5th April


Qasim Shaffique (Wicker Camp) vs James McQueen (SMTC) – this was a 56kg contest over 5 rounds although Q weighes 54kg. James was much smaller and stockier than Q who fought extremely well for his 2nd fight. Using his footwork and ringcraft Q out pointed James scoring and moving constantly. James landed a few overhand punches when he was able to pin Q down but the decision was unanimous to Q on points.

Jordan Meates (Wicker Camp) vs Ahmed (SMTC) – this was a 60kg fight over 5 rounds and was Jordans first open fight at 17yrs old. Ahmed was shorter and much more muscular than Jordan but Jordan fought the right fight using his reach very well scoring with long punches and kicks. Ahmed was definitely stronger landing some solid punches but Jordan was the busier fighter. A close decision that we felt should have gone to Jordan but was given a draw.

We would like to thank John Craig from SMTC for his hospitality and all the scottish people for their friendly and welcoming manner, it’s always a pleasure to go there.

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