British Title in Jersey 16th May


We travelled to the small beautiful island of Jersey with Thomas McCormick and James Ogden for this British Championship show. Thomas was fighting the local hero Michael Blood for the vacant 69Kg ISKA British Title over 5×3 minute rounds full Muay Thai rules, and James was fighting local boy James Jury on his fourth novice fight.

The show was held at the very impressive Fort Regent venue, a huge place with nearly 900 spectators present. The show was Jersey vs Birmingham and Sheffield and it was nice to share our changing room with Yogi Parek and Kaish Banger and their fighters.

James Ogden (Wicker Camp) vs James Jury (Jersey Thai) 78Kg 3 x 2 minute rounds.

The Jersey lad had trained in Thailand for 2 months for this fight and Ogden was very nervous. The fight started out quite relaxed with both fighters feeling each other out. Ogden asserted himself landing strong kicks and uppercut right cross combinations throughout the fight putting Jury on the back foot a few times. Jury came back landing some good kicks but found it hard to land his punches as Ogden used his footwork really well but was caught off balance a couple of times. Ogden stepped up the pace in the last round and continued to hammer Jury’s legs landing some great left kicks. This fight was a clear victory for Ogden so we were very disappointed with the decision of a draw and found out that one of the judges had clearly mis-judged the fight and was subsequently disqualified from judging the rest of the night. We are apealing against this decision to ISKA and will keep you posted.

Thomas McCormick (Wicker Camp) vs Michael Blood (Jersey Thai) 69Kg 5 x 3 minute rounds FTR

This was the main event with Blood also trainig in Thailand for this fight and having a really big media build up on the island.

A nice steady start with both fighters feeling each other out and showing experience. Thomas’s unorthodox style began to unerve Blood who was finding it difficult defending against the fast and powerful punches and kicks. Thomas really controlled the first 3 rounds beating Blood to the attack every time and landing some solid spinning elbows in the 3rd and displaying better skill in the clinchwork. Blood found it difficult to pin Thomas down as his movement in the ring is fantastic. Thomas had won the first 3 rounds and the 4th round saw Blood step up the pace and he threw caution to the wind and really came forward catching Thomas with some strong punches to the head and landed some solid kicks. Thomas weathered the storm and kept moving and countering. The 4th round went to Blood and we knew he needed the 5th round too. Both fighters gave everything in the last round but it was Thomas’s skill and trickiness that kept him ahead and at the end of the fight we were very confident he had won. Judges decision was Thomas McCormick was the new British Champion.

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