Rumble at the Reebok


Mehdi Firoozi (Wicker Camp) vs Ollie Watson (Minotaurs)

This was a big fight for Mehdi and a big test, Ollie Watson has had 37 fights, has fought in Thailand and has a very good reputation. It was an impressive venue with P4tv filming the show and it was a sell out.

The fight was over 5 rounds under full Muay Thai rules. The first round was pretty even with both fighters taking their time and feeling each other out. Mehdi took a strong jab to the face that caused his nose to bleed and it bled throughout the fight but not really causing him much trouble. The 2nd round was pretty much the same but Ollie started to assert himself landing well timed punches and kicks when Mehdi stepped in. Mehdi traded with him a few times but Ollie definitely seemed to have the edge. The 3rd and 4th rounds went to Ollie with Mehdi fighting back with strong punching combinations but it was Ollie’s timing and experience that shone through. By the 5th round the fight was won and Mehdi knew that only a knockout would win him the fight but Ollie was too good to be caught and Mehdi survived to lose the fight by a unanimous points decision. A geat performance against a much more experienced opponent.

This was always going to be a tough learning fight for Mehdi but he understands that to improve sometimes you must be tested against more experienced fighters.  We look forward to seeing him in his next fight.

We would like to thank Ollie Watson who is a great fighter and his trainer Paul Taylor who we have known for over 20 years.

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