Octagon Sheffield 11th Oct


Jamie Woodward vs Jaz Williams (Studio 2000) 65kg

Jamie had a bad start with this fight as medical staff refused to let him fight due to high blood pressure. It took just over 2 hours to sort out and this added pressure took its toll on Jamie’s nerves.  He had a tough fight against a strong opponent. The fight was fought mainly in the clinch with both fighters scoring good direct knees with Jaz being the stronger of the two on the night. Jamie used his footwork well and tried to keep the fight at long range scoring with good leg kicks and punches with Jaz exchanging well and managing to get Jamie into the clinch every time. Jamie looked tired by the 5th but stayed in the fight and the final decision went to a well deserved Jaz Williams.

James Ogden vs Diogo Callado (Portugal) 76kg

This was James’s 4th fight and his opponent was a last minute replacement from Portugal who we now know is the Portugese champion, has had 57 fights and won a gold medal in Poland!!! James started very strong in the 1st round dominating the fight and landing some solid leg kicks and punches. The 2nd round saw the Portugese fighter step up the pace and made James work with both fighters exchanging good techniques. By the 4th round Diogo’s experience was showing and he had James on the back foot catching him with a strong head kick which James got straight up from. An excellent learning fight for James who was always dangerous but his opponents experience shone through with the final decision going to Diogo.

Helene Garnett vs Farida Mouatt (France) Dynamite World Title 66kg

Farida was the undefeated French champion with 26 wins and this was Helene’s 12th fight. The fight started fast going straight into the clinch with Farida keeping Helene close but paying the price as she landed strong knees and elbows to the French girls head and it was obvious Helene was much stronger all round. The 2nd round saw Helene change tactic keeping the fight long and scoring some solid leg kicks and punches but Farida wanted to clinch but once again Helene proving too strong landing strong leg kicks and solid elbows to the French girls head whose corner threw the towel in and retired her. A fantastic TKO win for Helene who is now the new Womens World Champion.

Thomas McCormick vs Miguel ‘Mr. Kick’ Varela (Portugal) European Title 66kg

The Portugese fighter has an awsome reputation as a very strong kicker with many knockouts and we now know he currently the Dynamite World Champion. The fight started out pretty even and both fighters showing great skill and poise. Thomas showed excellent ringcraft making Miguel miss and countering with fast strong punches and very solid leg kick combinations. Miguel had strong kicks but Thomas’s timing was very good, catching the kick and taking Miguel down several times. Miguel caught Thomas with some strong punches in the 3rd but became increasingly frustrated wanting to step up the pace but Thomas constantly spoiled him, scoring on him and taking him down in the clinch. A great technical fight to watch and worthy of European standard. The final decision was unanimous to Thomas who is the new European Champion.

Mehdi Firoozi vs Julien Chaputot (France) Eliminator for World Title 78kg

Both fighters looked very nervous with a slow start in the first two rounds testing each other with leg kicks and punch exchanges. Mehdi began to find his range in the 3rd round with strong body kicks but Julien was slightly sharper and kept scoring with punches and kicks. Mehdi created lots of opportunities landing strong kicks but didn’t follow up, he was slower and more hesitant in the 4th and 5th rounds and looked tired allowing Julien to take the decision on points. A disappointing result for Mehdi who is a dangerous fighter (Julien had a suspected broken arm) and we look forward to seeing him in better shape next time.

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