8th November 2009 – Sliver Blades Ice Rink


Jaz Meates vs Anjum Shah Storm Gym – this was a junior bout 54kg with no head contact fought over 5 x 1.5 minutes.  This was a good fight with both fighters showing good skill and technique. Anjum was more aggressive and had a powerful body punch but Jaz kept the fight under his terms and was in control throughout. Jaz scored well with fast kicks catching Anjum a few times off balance and landed solid low kicks to Amjums legs. Anjum was strong in the clinch but held his head low and was in danger of taking a knee to the head a couple of times. A good fight for both lads with the decision going to Jaz on points.

Will Burkin vs Kacper Sinicki Kaizen Gym Scotland  – this was a novice fight 88kg over 5 x 1.5 minutes. This was Will’s first fight and he weighed in at 83kg well under the agreed weight and 4kg lighter than his opponent. He said he felt fine but we felt that he had lost too much weight and may struggle with his stamina in the fight. Kacper was in great shape at 87kg and came out fast and strong. Will kept composed and scored well with low kicks and punches. The fight was very close all the way with Will wobbling Kacper a few times with strong punches and was landing solid leg kicks but Kacper was strong in the clinch scoring with his knees. By the 4th round Will was really struggling with his stamina due to the weight loss and unbelievably stayed in the fight but Kacper proved too strong in the end and took the fight on points. Will was absolutely exhausted in the changing rooms and he realised he’d lost too much weight too quickly, a lesson very painfully learned. Will wants a re-match with Kacper at 87kg.

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