Helene Garnett vs Natalie Fuz


(67kg 5 x 2)

This was a great venue and it had a real New York gritty feel to it right in the heart of Manhattan. The place was absolutely jammed packed and the crowd was very welcoming given that this was Natalie’s retirement fight after 10 years in the ring.

The first round was pretty even with both girls feeling each other out. Natalie landed some accurate punches and it took  Helene a while to relax and find her range, towards the end she started landing strong leg kicks and used her ringcraft to keep Natalie away. As each round passed Helene grew in confidence using superior footwork making Natalie miss and stepping in to counter with strong leg kicks to both sides and landing some good left hands. Natalie was very strong in the clinch and tied Helene up but Helene kept using her knees attacking Natalie’s legs. Helene out classed and out scored Natalie and it was clear by the end of the 5th round she had won. The judges decision was unanimous to Helene.

This was a great fight for Helene who did everything she was told and we saw a different side to her, fighting skilfully and confidently. Both girls were extremely respectful to each other and we want to say how welcome we were made by all and what a lovely person Natalie Fuz is.  We also would like to thank Justin Blair the promoter for his professional and friendly manner.

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