UK Seminar – Crippling Knees


Crippling Knees  – The Savage Art of Clinchwork in Muaythai

Sunday 21st March 2010 10am – 1pm.

What to expect.

The seminar will begin at 10am sharp, please don’t be late ( gym will be open from 9am to come in and get changed ). After a brief intro we’ll be straight into the course. Following a quick warm-up and stretch, the first part of the seminar will concentrate on clinchwork, exploring different types of clinches and their uses. You will learn some of the stomach-churning knee attacks and clever Thai neck-wrestling tricks, how to defend properly and effectively, which attacks to expect and when and how to read your opponent’s intention. We will examine the specific targets a Thai-Boxer will exploit to inflict damage to an opponent and how to develop tremendous power in the knee strike through extensive padwork and some heavy bagwork.

After a short break, the second part of this seminar will re-commence with a warning about the serious risks of potential injury. We’ll use partner work almost exclusively to practice a variety of methods used to knee an opponent to the head and face. Along with padwork, we’ll look at attacks and counter-attacks all culminating in repeated and successful knees to the head. You will learn how to deliver a devastating knee using timing and when to deliver the knee for maximum damage.

Places are limited so if you’re interested and want further information please contact Mick on 07801273124 or mick@wickercamp.co.uk

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