James Ogden vs George Tsiattalos


77Kg English Title

James trained really hard for this fight and struggled at times with his weight but with perseverance and determination weighed in OK and felt strong and fit, although very nervous. From the start James dominated the fight landing solid punches, kicks and knees throughout the round not allowing George to get started although at times George came forward and looked dangerous with heavy punches. James looked composed and in control and took his time choosing his targets well and easily won the first round. The second round saw James very confident and from the bell unleashed a number of combinations with strong knee and kicks to the body forcing an eight count early on. George got up at eight but James saw victory in sight and continued the attacks forcing the referee to the stop the contest and award James a win by TKO. A top class performance and worthy of his new fighting name The Simok Horse. WRSA English Champion James Ogden.

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