Fear by Mick Mullaney


Let’s not pretend we’re not afraid – fear walks among us all. I see the fear in my opponents eyes, it is a reflection of my own. They do not see me. I am a shadow. It is far easier to feel fear than understand who I am.

I see the real me, the heart and soul my life has handed down to me. The blood, sweat and tears that have made me who I am. I am a man striving for more. I sometimes wonder if I can shoulder the crushing burden of my own expectations. I too feel fear, it is mingled with doubt, but behind these two imposters burns a fire white hot with determination. This fire will burn, I won’t let it die. I may be unsure of what the future holds, but that will not turn me away.

Round after round my fury grows intense and keeps my fear locked away. Distractions stay outside, I stay inside this place as my will commands my body. Confidence is my shadow that keeps the Spectre of defeat at bay. Performance is my ally, power and skill are my tools, and victory is my task.

As I spend my life time’s worth of toil, I have become what I am meant to be. The man that tries to take this from me will fail and bleed in misery.

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