NIA Birmingham 8 man-tournament


Thomas McCormick 67kg in an 8 Man-Tournament worth £10,000

This was a fantastic opportunity for Thomas who has been with Wicker Camp since he was 6years old and after only 17 senior fights has a British and Commonwealth Title. This was a big event and there was the usual fan fare on the internet preceeding this event but Thomas being the quiet young man (his fighting name is ‘ The Silent Warrior’ ) refrained from commenting and let his fighting speak for itself on the night. Many people thought Thomas was out of his depth and that he didn’t have the experience so he was definitely not considered to be a real threat. Thomas trained very hard for this tournament and felt he had nothing to lose, we felt that he had grown a great deal from his last fight against James France (even though he lost on points) and it was possibly the right time to see if he would rise up to the occasion and shine……………….

Quarter Final vs Kerith Bella 3×3 minute rounds

Thomas was unlucky in the draw and didn’t get the opportnuity to choose his opponent for the first fight, the quarter final, and he drew Kerith Bella from the Firewalker Camp. Kerith is strong and tough but we knew that Thomas’s style would cause problems for Kerith and it did. Thomas started scoring straight away with punches and landed some solid leg kicks. His clinchwork was better taking Bella down a few times and in the 2nd and 3rd rounds he landed some excellent spinning elbows. Bella was always dangerous and took advantage of Thomas’s low guard and landed some good punches but Thomas took them well and fought the perfect fight, he looked composed and in control the whole time, eventually he caught Bella with an elbow, this didn’t stop the fight but it was obvious at the last bell that Thomas had won all 3 rounds. For us his performance was perfect he couldn’t have had a better start and he surprised the crowd.

Semi Final vs Kev Harper 3×3 minute rounds

Kev was very confident he was going to win this competition and being 2x World Champion and 5x British champion you can forgive him for his self-assurance, he had also said that Thomas was far too inexperienced to trouble him. Kev was far too experienced to become complacent and we knew Thomas had to keep a tight defence and keep Kev moving as he looked tired towards the end of his previous fight so the plan was to work to the body and keep scoring and try and wear him down. Thomas took control of the fight and used his footwork well he landed some good body k icks and by the 2nd round Kev did look tired with Thomas taking Kev down a few times. Thomas was visibly enjoying the fight and Kev looked like he didn’t want to be there. In the 3rd round Thomas caught Kev’s body kick and as he threw him off balance landed a lovely little knee to Kev’s face cutting him on the cheek bone. 3rd round TKO and into the final.

Final vs Andrei Kotsur 3×3 minute rounds

Andrei Kotsur from the Ukraine current World Champion and with 115 fights experience this was going to be a tough fight. We were hoping that Andrei would be banged up as his style was similar to Bella’s and he’d had 2 quite tough fights. Thomas was banged up and starting to feel tired but he new he was only 3 rounds away from winning the tournament. Thomas started off well but it became apparent that Kotsur was a very tough fighter. He came out strong and hard landing solid body kicks and pushing Thomas over a couple of times. Thomas had to use his footwork to keep safe but found it hard to keep scoring, he looked tired and by the end of the 3rd Kotsur’s experienced had kept him working and he’d done enough to take the 8 man trophy.

An absolutely fantastic performance by Thomas and many people were very impressed with him and we are happy that he has made his mark. Well done Thomas we are very proud of you.

Thank you to the students who went to support, you were of small number but very loud. Also to Pete McCormick (Thomas’s very proud dad) our seconds man who is worth his weight in gold.

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