Pride Park Derby


Jillian Corbett vs Julie Cornwall (Phoenix) WRSA English Title 67kg 5×2 minutes

This was a fantastic fight with both girls giving everything right from the bell. Jillian got the upper hand early in the fight landing a heavy punch to Julies head which she took an 8 count for. Julie recovered well and fought back strong landing some good punches. Jill started landing her right leg kick early in the fight, she was also moving well and used good punch and left kick combinations. Julies clinchwork was good and she landed some good knees on Jillian but the leg kicks and relentless attack started to take their toll on Julie by the 4th round and Jill was way ahead on points. Julie looked in trouble with her left leg towards the end of the 5th and the referee stepped in to declare a win by TKO and the new WRSA English Champion Jillian Corbett. A great fight and credit to Julie who was slightly less experienced and lighter but gave an excellent performance. 

Dan Ward vs Steven Clarke (Studio 2000) 57kg 5×1.5 minutes

This was Dans second fight and we new it was going to be tought one against the more experienced Derby lad. Dan who was very nervous started off well finding his range quickly and attacking with good kicks and punches. The fight was pretty even with Dan just having the upper edge in the first 2 rounds. The 3rd round saw Steven step up in work rate and landed some strong punches to Dan head putting him on the back foot a little for the rest of the round. In the 4th and 5th round Dan fought back well using his kicks and knees but Stevens experience came through and he clinched the last 2 rounds winning the fight on a close points decision.

James Pierce vs Jordan Macey (Studio 2000) 40kg Junior rules 5x 1.5 minutes

This was a rematch between the two young lads who fought in Sheffield last July with James very closely and controversially winning. A very well matched pair with both fighters showing excellent skill and courage. The first 2 rounds were pretty even with both fighters scoring and countering equally, James used the ring very well and showed good footwork and countering skills taking Jordan to floor several times in the 2nd round which we felt he definitely won. Jordan cleverly used clinchwork to spoil James’s attack in the 3rd round and this was an even round. In the 4th and 5th both Jordan and James fought their heart out both scoring with well timed kicks and punches and these rounds could have gone either way but we felt James had shown slightly better skill and landed more effective techniques on the whole. The judges decision was a draw. They have another rematch on the Octagon Show in Sheffield on April 3rd for an English Title! 2 great fighters who are future champions for sure.

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