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11.11.11 marks the 6th anniversary of my father’s death. He was 69 years old and lived the latter half of his life with a heart condition.

In 1976 when he was just 40 years old he needed heart surgery to replace his damaged mitral valve with an innovative artificial titanium ball and cage valve. This was major surgery then and I remember he was very ill for many months after and had lots of complications during his recovery.

He eventually did recover and returned to work to lead a relatively normal life however, his new valve made a tapping noise as the ball repeatedly struck against the metal cage due to blood flow. He really did sound like the crocodile from Peter Pan!

In 1986 he needed more heart surgery to replace his failing aortic valve this time they fitted a pig’s valve. After this surgery he had numerous strokes all related to his heart condition, some were worse than others but he made a full recovery and was very lucky. Having artificial valves meant that he was able to live a relatively normal life for many years after although he had to take lots of tablets and could not do his normal job as a universal grinder and only do light exercise.

By 2004 his artificial valves were just too old and he lived in a constant state of heart failure. The only option was to have both valves replaced again but this time there was only a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. After living for almost 8 months in and out of hospital and breathless most of the time he decided to take the risk for a better quality of life. He survived the surgery but sadly did not recover and died from multi organ failure on 11.11.2005.

11.11.11 marks the beginning of a yearlong fundraising campaign dedicated to my DAD to raise money for the British Heart Foundation a charity dedicated to supporting those who live with heart conditions.

My target is £3,500.00 but I would like to try and raise more. I have lots of events planned but my main and final event will be a bike ride from (Saigon) Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam finishing in Ankor Wat Siem Reap in Cambodia on 11.11.12. With the help of family and friends and the support of people like you I hope we can achieve this target. Trix

See our Events page for a complete Diary of forthcoming Events

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