Octagon Nov 2011


Dan Ward vs Obaid Akbar

Dan Ward’s opponent pulled out 2 days prior to the show and Hussain found a replacement at the last minute. His opponent was a novice in Thai Boxing but it was obvious from his performance he had boxed before. Initially it was a tough fight for Dan, Obaid used the ring and his boxing skills very well in the first round. It took Dan the first round to settle in and find his range with his kicks and knees. Once Dan found his feet he used his Thai Boxing skills very well scoring with kicks and knees. Obaid’s boxing was better but against an opponent with better kicks and knees he eventually was beaten. Many thanks to him for taking this fight at short notice. Dan Ward won on points.

Jaz Meates vs Dan Brannon

Jaz was originally supposed to be fighting for a title on this show but his opponent was unavailable to fight. He was rematched but not for a title. Jaz came out very strong in the first round looking very confident and with a solid Thai style. Dan was older and looked stronger but didnt really get started. Jaz started landing solid leg kicks and head kicks which put Dan on the back foot and he took an 8 count. Eventually Jaz stopped him with a well timed head kick. Jaz Meates won TKO.

Lewis Lazenby vs Liam Owen

This was Lewis’s 3 fight and his first 2 fights were very tough and unfair so we were determined he had a fair match this time. Lewis looked composed and in control from the very beginning using his ringcraft and footwork very well. This seemed to faze Liam who wasn’t sure how to pin Lewis down. Lewis scored constantly with a strong left leg kick and landed his solid left cross a few times. Liam stayed in the fight but could not not push Lewis back who used hit and move tactics to his advantage. This was definitely Lewis’s best performance and showed he is a champion in the making, but credit to Liam who went the distance and would not be deterred. Lewis won on points.

Darren Castledine vs Derek O’Flynn

This was Darrens come back fight after 10 years out of the ring! His preparation went well and he was ready to give his all. Many old students came to watch him which made it the event of the night for Wicker Camp and his entrance into the ring was welcomed by a packed standing crowd. Derek had a game plan and knew that 10 after years Darren would probably prefer to start slow and ease into the fight. He came out all guns blazing and caught Darren with a strong left cross who backed up into the corner to weather the early storm. Derek continued to pressure Darren who replied with a solid right knee to Dereks body but unfazed he cornered Darren again and launched a series of punches and knees, Darren not wanting to get caught again so early in the 1st round tried rolling and slipping the punches but unfortunately rolled too low onto a knee and sustained a big cut to his forehead. The doctor stopped the fight immediately and after 40 seconds in the 1st roud the fight was over. This was very frustrating for Darren and all of us as he never got started. Credit to Derek whose strategy paid off. Derek won TKO.

Helene Garnett vs Anallissa Bucci

This was a well matched fight and Anallissa has a reputation of being a tough girl. Helene was feeling a little under the weather on the day experiencing flu like symptoms but she was determined to fight. The fight was extremely exciting and both girls gave everything they had. Helene was in control throughout the fight and definitely had the stronger technique landing solid kicks and punches. Anallissa fought back well but was unable to trouble Helene who won the fight on points.

Well done to all our fighters on the night and for all the hard work and dedication they put in preparing for the show. Many thanks to our seconds Pete McCormick and James Burke and to Mark Poole who helped downstairs preparing fighters. Finally a BIG thank you to all our loyal students and supporters who came to support the event.

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