Tower Ballroom 26th Nov 2011

Tower Ballroom 26th Nov 2011

This was a big venue for our novice fighters and they were all nervous, some more than others. They all weighed in either bang on weight or slightly lighter than agreed and some gave experience away. Regardless of the decision on the day they all behaved in a professional manner and performed to the best of their ability on the day.

Kristian Bainbridge vs Scott Court (Thaitans)

This was Kristians 2nd fight and gave a little experience away to Scott and he was nervous about being the first fight on. He came out for the first round very fast and strong burning a lot of nervous energy but catching Scott with strong punches and knees. The referee warned Scott for rolling his head too low but he kept trying to pull out away from Kristian who seemed to be in 5th gear constantly! Towards the end of the 1st round Kristian clinched Scott and threw a knee to the body but Scott once again rolled low and the knee caught Scott full in the face breaking his nose. The referee stopped the contest and the judges gave the decision to Kristian by TKO however as it was the first round the decision should have been a no contest.

Gavin Duce vs Nasser Soud Al Farhan (Martin Carter)

This was Gavins and Nassers first fight and Gavin felt very confident and not too nervous during the days running up to the show; on the day however at the venue he was feeling very nervous and this definitely affected his performance. His opponent was smaller and more muscular and started the first round very fast and Gavin didn’t really get started and got caught with several strong punches in the 1st round. His 2nd round was much better and he seemed to settle into the fight more using his footwork and knees in the clinch. After an exchange of  knees Gavin pushed his opponent back into the corner and threw a well timed left head kick which knocked his opponent down to the floor, the referee stopped the contest and Gavin won by TKO in 2nd round.

Michal Woroniak vs Man (Reaper Gym)

This was Michals 2nd fight and he was understandably nervous. His brother had come over from Poland to watch so he was eager to do well. Michal was very strong in his first fight and relied too much on that raw strength so we were hoping he would relax more in this fight and try to control the fight better. The first round went very well with Michal using his footwork very well and he moved around the ring to control the fight. He started to land some strong leg kicks and punches and won the first round. He stayed with the game plan taking his time and scoring when he could and moved around the ring, both fighters scored well but it was Michals leg kicks that started to take their toll by the 3rd round with Man taking an 8 count and struggling to stand and fight on two legs. We thought he wouldn’t come out for the 4th but he did to our surprise and with our respect kept trying to fight until he could no longer stand!! Michal won by TKO 4th round.

Danny Jordan vs Steve Allen (K-Star)

Danny is a good strong technical fighter and did very well in his first fight. He gave a little weight and experience away for this fight  but we were confident he would cope with that. Out of all our fighters on the night Danny was the most nervous and the size of the venue and the fact that his opponent was a local lad made it worse. He was very tired in the warm-up which shows that lots of nervous energy has already been burnt. The fight was well matched and both fighters used good technique and defence throughout but Danny was very tired from the outset and just couldn’t do what he wanted to do although he scored with punches and kicks Steve had more energy and just outscored him throughout the fight. A hard fought fight for Danny who lost on points.

Dave Childs vs Oleg (8 Limbs)

This was Daves 2nd fight and he was looking forward to it. Dave is very strong and has a strong fighting spirit. The fight was well matched with both fighters exchanging good combinations but Oleg used his legs and knees a bit more than Dave. Dave landed some strong punches and looked dangerous with his hands but Oleg covered up well and exchanged for solid kicks to Daves body and legs. By the 3rd round Dave started to use his legs more and they were starting to be affective but he kept getting drawn back to relying on his big punches. Oleg used more techniques and out pointed Dave in the ned. A good fight which the audience enjoyed and the final decision was to Oleg on points.

Ben Watts vs Jamie McIlroy (Murithai Fitness)

This was Bens 1st fight and he was suitably nervous for such a big venue for his debut. It was a well matched fight with both fighters weighing in within a kilo of each other. The first rounds saw both fighters testing the ground being cautious of each other. Ben favouring his hands over his kicks he landed a big left cross and knocked Jamie to the canvas in the 2nd round, this gave Ben the confidence to push forward but Jamie came back with some strong leg kicks. Bens footwork and use of the ring was very good and he landed some strong knees in the clinch but he struggled to get his kicks working with his hands. Jamie’s work rate was overall greater in the end and Ben lost on points.

Lewis Lazenby vs Gurtak Swali (Reaper Gym)

Lewis took this fight at 5 days notice after resting from his win at the Octagon centre on the 6th November. He gave aliitle weight away and some experience away to gurak who has been training a long time but in fairness not fought for 2 years. Lewis was definitely the under dog in this fight and Gurtak under estimated what Lewis was capable of. The first round went to Gurtak who landed some strong punches and kicks as Lewis was nervous and gave Gurtak too mush respect. Aftera  talking to from Mick in the corner Lewis came out stronger and took the fight to Gurtak launching fast explosive punching combinations followed by strong kicks to the legs and body. The following rounds were great Muay Thai to watch with both fighters exchanging kicks and punches, we felt that Lewis was definitely the aggressor with Gurtak bleeding from the mouth and looking like he was in trouble a few times. By the 5th round the fight could have gone either way although we felt that Lewis was one round up. He came out fighting hard and fast in the 5th round and bloodied Gurtaks nose and again Gurtak looked like he was back pedalling although he exchanged with Lewis landing strong kicks of his own to Lewis’ body. We were sure Lewis had the fight won but the judges decision was to red corner Gurtak Swali. A disappointing result but we were more than happy with Lewis’ performance.

Jaz Meates vs Matt McKeown (Reaper Gym)

Jaz is a promising young hopeful who is a technical fighter and has a great future ahead of him it was Jaz’s 4th fight and at 17 years old gave some experience away to an older fighter. He was nervous about this fight and rightly so as his opponent was a mature strong lookng man. He started off well using his footwork and the space in the ring to score and move keeping the fight at long range. He used his punches and kicks well in combinations but when Matt exchanged he did have the stronger technique. Jaz needed to keep this fight at arms length and continue to score and move hopefully trying to out point him to the end. Matt’s tactics paid off closing Jaz down and clinching at every opportunity he was much busier in the clinch and out scored Jaz every time who seemed to struggle to get his knnes working.  Jaz kept moving and working trying to score with his long kicks and punches but Matt just had the upper edge being the stronger fighter in the end and winning the fight on his knees. Matt won on points.

Thank you to Pete McCormick in the corner and Bear and Mehdi for their help in the changing room and to the supporters who came to watch. Thanks also to Steve Logan for putting so many of our fighters on his show and being able to keep the matches, it has been greatly appreciated.

Once again well done to all our fighters who have shown determination and committment in their preparation and great courage getting in the ring. Until next time!!

Mick and Trix

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