Athens Greece 10th Dec 2011

Athens Greece 10th Dec 2011

Thomas McCormick and James Ogden took these fights at 10 days notice, although not fighting fit an all expenses paid trip to Athens and the opportunity to gain valuable experience was not to be missed.

The venue was a big stadium and the show had 34 bouts with Thomas’ fight being top of the bill. It was sanctioned by IFMA (Thailand) and the Greek Federation.

James Ogden vs Andrealus Nikolaus

James, who has had 11 fights and usually fights at 76/77kg was matched with a local Greek fighter who fights at 82kg and has had 30+ fights and is known for his big punches and knockouts.

James started off well landing strong leg kicks and using his ringcraft well to avoid the big punches. Towards the end of the 1st round the Greek landed a solid right hand that rocked James a little but he cleverly tied the Greek up in the clinch and got back into the fight. The 2nd and 3rd rounds were pretty much the same with James starting to use his long knee more and some of the leg kicks were visibly hurting the Greek who was prepared to exchange the kicks and knees to land his big punch. By the 4th and 5th rounds James had taken a few big punches but managed to stay out of trouble and was scoring with his leg kick and long knee on a regular basis. James looked the better fighter using a wider range of Muay Thai skills; the Greek was obviously heavier and stronger than James and relied on his boxing skills constantly looking for the big knockout. The judges scored the punches higher than the kicks and knees and the decision went to the Greek fighter.

James’ performance was excellent and gained much respect from the Greek crowd and his opponent who personally came into the changing room after to pay him respect explaining it was one of the toughest fights he’d had.

Thomas McCormick vs Seangagatit ‘Boo’ Sasiprapa

This was a great opportunity for Thomas who has only had 25 fights against Boo who has had over 200 fights.

The 1st round was very Thai style with both fighters settling into the round slowly. Thomas had the higher work rate scoring with more kicks and catching Boo’s kick and taking him down towards the end of the round. In the 2nd round Boo stepped up the pace coming forward constantly looking to stop the fight early. He landed some strong body kicks and tried scoring with the elbow but Thomas’ footwork was too fast and he managed to slip away each time; a few times Thomas countered with a strong right hand to Boos face but towards the end of the round he looked a bit tired and all the moving around took its toll on his stamina.  In the third and fourth rounds Boo took advantage of that scoring with his knees and kicks and he used more clinch work which took its toll on Thomas’ stamina even more, Thomas landed a few good punches cutting Boo on the cheek in the 4th round and scored with some elbows but Boo’s experience paid off finding his way into the clinch and scoring well with his knees and taking Thomas to the floor a few times falling on top of him. In the last round both fighters looked tired but Boo’s experience saw him through and the final decision went to Boo on points.

Thomas performed fantastic given the short notice he had and it was his fitness in the end that lost him the fight and Boos vast experience that won it for him. Thomas also gained the respect of the crowd and Boo was very impressed with Thomas’ style and speed and said he had a great future ahead of him, a real compliment coming from such a great Thai fighter with so much experience.

We would like to thank Mario and Georgia for inviting us to fight on their promotion, their hospitality was excellent and we were looked after very well. All the fighters were very friendly and we made some good contacts from Italy and Corfu for the future. Boo was as humble as ever, he is such a nice guy.

Finally, a big big hug for Thomas and James from me, we had a great time and they made me very proud to be in their corner. Trix

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