Regency Rooms Liverpool 17th December


Jamie Woodward vs Anthony McGee 66kg Northern Area Title

Jamie was really nervous on the night, his fight was the main event and we knew Anthony, who looked the stronger of the two had good boxing skills. Jamie started off very well using his footwork to keep away from his opponents big punches and scored well with his long knee and low kicks. Anthony landed a few good kicks and scored well with punches but Jamie tied him up in the clinch immediately landing some excellent wing knees to Anthonys body and was winning in the clinch. The fight was close in the early rounds but we felt Jamie won the first 2 rounds but by the 3rd started to look tired. Anthony’s boxing remained sharp throughout the fight and he started to land some solid punches in the 3rd and 4th round and Jamie looked in trouble a few times but he kept moving and tying Anthony up in the clinch and managed to survive to the last round. He was really tired going into the final round but he needed a strong round and he gave everything. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and the final decision was a points win for Anthony. This was a great fight to watch with both fighters showing good skill and Anthony remarked after that it was his toughest fight to date, a real compliment to Jamie.

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