Charity Team Sparring 5th February 2012

Charity Team Sparring 5th February 2012

The Team Sparring event was originally held every year in July in celebration of Mick’s birthday.

It’s always been an in-house event with two teams (red vs blue) sparring for the Wicker Camp Team Sparring Championship Cup (it’s a proper really big silver one). The two teams are coached by a team captain and bouts are judged by Mick, the contact is light technical sparring. Competitors are matched fairly and given their own special ‘ fight ‘ name.

This Team Sparring event on Sunday 5th February is for Trix’s charity ‘ The British Heart Foundation ‘. The entry fee is £5 and any graded student can enter, we want seniors and juniors and we encourage all students taking part to try and raise some sponsorship for the BHF, sponsorship forms are available from reception.

Have a chat with Mick or Trix and put your name down on the list on reception, teams and matches will be published the week before the event.

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