Muay Thai means more.


To the Thai’s Muay Thai means so much more than what we see in the ring. I know that Thai culture may sometimes seem illogical to us in the west, but it is a complicated martial discipline which is intertwined with a deeper philosophy and encompasses much more than physical effort. Nak Muay (Thai-Boxers) should also be an example to those around them on how to live a life of significance.

Some children today seem to live their young lives through a computer screen, immersed in interactive chatrooms or the next generation Gameboy. They spend their time in a fantasy world, a fast-paced often violent parallel of our own existence. A growing number of young people experiment with an alternative level of consciousness in an opiate or alcohol inspired sub-world. Other youngsters may follow an undisciplined path of anarchy or crime, using violence, intimidation and insolence as currency for their actions. Many young people don’t have a strong work ethic. They don’t want to work hard, but would rather be a “celebrity”, famous for doing nothing.

As Thai-Boxing Teachers’ , it is our responsibility to help young people cope with a real world. Instil in them a sense of fair play. As you know, Thai-Boxing isn’t just an act of violence. Organised in a sporting manner, its participants have a full on physical experience pitting their skills against others. They must also have the self discipline to keep to the rules (not winning at any cost) and respect an opponent in victory or defeat. Some students definitely see Thai Boxing training as a form of therapy, channeling aggression in a
positive way to ease the frustration and stress contained in their lives. We have to encourage (the good), motivate and inspire them to become well balanced, principled adults that will be able to cope and to serve the next generation.

So, you have to ask yourself, what kind of a teacher am I? AND what kind of an example am I setting for those around me? Well I know I am not perfect, but it’s not about being perfect, it’s about striving to have a positive impact on those people we have influence over. We should encourage our students to develop patience and compassion with a clear intention to play a pro-active role in our community.  An important ingredient in our existence is “intention”. We should strive to make a difference in the way we live our lives, the words we choose and the things we do. Without a thought for intention, the life we live will feel empty.

I believe we have a fantastic cach’e of really great Thai-Boxing teachers in the UK, but I notice one or two who don’t seem to care how their students develop. We must think about the consequences of our actions. Do we really just want to sit back and watch the next generation prepare to under achieve? I don’t want to do that, I think we should lead the next generation and encourage them to be healthy, strong and brave. We should teach them to stand up for themselves (and others) with integrity. Not to stand in the shadow of anyone, to be happy and follow a path to greatness.


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