Muay Thai Sparring Class: 5.00-6.30pm (every Friday)


All levels, men, women and kids are welcome to our Muay Thai sparring class every Friday at 5pm. This class is intended for anyone with sparring knowledge. A tried and tested sparring experience to develop technical skill, timing, stamina, balance, speed, defence, footwork, conditioning, tricks and feints!

Anyone from any background (KICKBOXING, MMA,TAEKWONDO, BOXING etc) can join us – Muay Thai Licence & Insurance, gum shield & groin guard essential – for TEN rounds of Muay Thai sparring, including clinchwork & neck wrestling. you choose who you spar with, you choose the level of contact and you choose the pace and how much you do. Taught by Mick Mullaney. See you later.

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