Sheffield Wednesday Ground


Michal Woroniak – This was an easy win for Michal although his opponent was extremely tough and resilient. Michal was in great shape and dominated the fight from the 1st round. His opponent, from Combat Sports took a barrage of attacks including solid leg kicks, good strong knees and punches and finally a well timed head kick that finished the fight in the 4th round.

Ben Watts – This was only Ben’s second fight and his opponent (Tony Tahow) was supposed to be a novice who had boxed a little as a child. It was obvious that this guy was more than that the way he moved and boxed. Ben landed some strong leg kicks and body kicks in the first round and used his footwork well tryng to avoid the constant attack of heavy punches. Towards the end of the first round Ben was caught with a right hook and took an 8 count. Mick decided that Tony was too experienced for Ben and retired him at the end of the first round.

Andy Goodrick – This was a nervous ring debut for southpaw Andy who faced another southpaw novice from Phil Glover’s excellent camp in Maltby. Both lads started strong and both looked dangerous with good kicks and knees. Towards the end of round three, it looked like the Maltby boy was just starting to get the upper hand when Andy landed a big left hand to his temple. As the bell sounded for the end of round three it became apparent that Phil Glover’s fighter could not continue and the Fight was awarded to Andy Goodrick on a TKO.

Kristian Bainbridge – Billed as the main event on this novice show, saw Kris facing a very experienced Thai boxer from Seamus Cogan’s gym in Ireland. It was clear that the Irish lad, from Cork, was as hard as nails, aggessive and skilful. Kristian’s inexperience had him starting with a ferocious pace hitting the Irishman with everything he had! Although his opponent was always dangerous, Kristian kept on top of him scoring and hurting the Irish fighter with heavy punches, strong kicks and very hard knees, although exhausted by the end of round five, Kristian won the fight on points.


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