Tonight’s classes


Nak Muay (Fighter’s) class: 5-6.30pm. This class is only for fighters and Kru Muay Thai. Hardcore stamina & strength training, intense Thai pad-work, neck wrestling and Muay Thai sparring. Taught by Mick.

Beginner 2/3 class (adults): 6.30-8pm. Complete overview of the entire B2/B3 syllabus in preparation for this Sunday’s massive grading. Every technique, padwork, Ram Muay and sparring skills. Don’t miss it. Taught by Mick.

Complete beginner’s class (adults): 8-9.30pm. This will also be an overview of the ┬ácomplete beginner’s syllabus. Every technique, complete defence, padwork and gym exercises in preparation for your very important first grading this Sunday. Taught by Senior Kru Ali.

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