Tonight’s classes


Nak Muay (Fighter’s) class: 5-6.30pm. This class is only for fighters and Kru Muay Thai. Hardcore stamina & strength training, intense Thai pad-work, neck wrestling and Muay Thai sparring. Taught by Mick.

Beginner 2/3 class (adults): 6.30-8pm. Complete overview of the entire B2/B3 syllabus in preparation for this Sunday’s massive grading. Every technique, padwork, Ram Muay and sparring skills. Don’t miss it. Taught by Mick.

Complete beginner’s class (adults): 8-9.30pm. This will also be an overview of the  complete beginner’s syllabus. Every technique, complete defence, padwork and gym exercises in preparation for your very important first grading this Sunday. Taught by Senior Kru Ali.

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