Here’s a big thumbs up to Mick and Trix at Wicker Camp.


Hi, my name is Pete and for the last 10 years or more I’ve not really been bothered about what I ate and drank and before I knew it I was 17.5 stones down to 4 cans of lager a night and 2-3 take-a-ways a week. Slowly it dawned on me that was why I was out of breath just walking upstairs to bed and struggling to tie my shoe laces with a big balloon as a belly.

My best mate Mick has been going to Wicker Camp for many years and he persuaded me to give it go, I’m not allowed to swear but I was s——g bricks at the thought of other people seeing my over weight body with my match stick legs and horrible feet! I’d not worn shorts since school. So at  the beginning of November 2011 I bit the bullet and walked into the gym with my shorts pulled up as high as I could get them (not a pretty site) and within 30 seconds all my tension, fear and anxiety was gone! You are welcomed with big smiles and really nice people and treated as an equal not an outsider.

I started the bag-work classes first 3 times a week, you’re not competing with anyone only yourself, if you want to stop and get your breath back you can, nobody starts shouting at you calling you a loser or making you think you’re a waste of space. All you get is encouragement and plenty of it, that’s from staff and other students.

So in January, 2 months later I went one step further and started the complete beginner classes. I met loads of people from all different walks of life with the same goals as me to get fitter and actually achieve something for a change, and I have, in just 5 months I’ve lost 3 stone and 1lb thanks to dietary tips from Trix and the training I’ve done. I’m not the youngest at Wicker Camp at 44 but I’m not the oldest either, everyone fits in and is made welcome.

So thanks to Mick and Trix and all the other trainers at Wicker Camp for helping me feel physically and mentally fitter.

Yours, Slim Pete.

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