Jersey fights


Jersey was a great success and our Wicker Camp fighters performed brilliantly and left their mark in Jersey. Hotel De France was a superb venue with a 1,000 seat capacity. It was a very well organised and run show and thanks go to Rob, James and Chris for their excellent hospitality.

Jaz Meates fought a fighter from Madeira Michael Riberio who works on Jersey. Jaz gave 3kg away and this was his first fight abroad on such a big show. His opponent was slightly more experienced and renowned to be strong and aggressive. Jaz dominated the fight throughout using his kicks primarily to out point his opponent and excellent footwork to keep out of trouble, he landed a left hook in the 2nd round and Michael took an 8 count. It was a good confidence fight for Jaz fighting an older opponent who landed some strong punches himself which is good experience for a young upcoming fighter like Jaz. Jaz looked in control and listened well to his corner and won unanimously on points.

Jamie Woodward’s fight was for a WRSA National title against a local Jersey fighter that we knew nothing about. We found out that he had a very good record of 10+ fights mostly wins with a few KO’s to his name. He was very well received and known by the crowd. Jamie was extremely nervous as this his first time abroad and a step up from C class to B class fighting 5×2 minute rounds. Jamie started of very well using footwork and leg kicks to begin scoring early. His defence was excellent and his startegy paid of as Shemmy was so used to dominating the fight he couldnt pin Jamie down who just kept calm and mobile and scored. He landed his left knee very well in the clinch and the fight was always close with Shemmy favouring and landing a few strong punches. Jamie’s work rate fell in the 3rd and 4th but he took the 5th and we felt he had won the the 1st and 2nd rounds too. It was a close decision and we would have been happy with at least a draw but as it was for a title there had to be a winner. The judges gave it to the Jersey lad but we werent disappointed and neither was Jamie as his performance was excellent.

Dont forget you can see more Wicker Camp fighters next month at the Octagon on the 17th June.

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