Tuesday 15th May


10-11 Thai Padwork – traditional thai padwork session with strength exercises inbetween rounds.

12-1 Lunch-time fitness – excellent general fitness session, drop-in between 12-1 and do as much as you like.

4.30-5.30 Junior Beginners – junior class with lots of fitness work and learning basic Thai Boxing techniques with an element of discipline and respect.

5.30-6.30 Graded juniors – junior class for higher grades learning more complex techniques and how to spar.

6.30-8 Adult Intermediate/Advanced – senior class learning more complex techniques, combinations, attack and defence strategies and open kick sparring.

8-9 Thai bagwork – 10 rounds of bagwork with optional gym tests inbetween each round with optional 5x rounds of body sparring at the end.

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