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Ray Rasheed and James Ingram successfully completed the UK 3Peaks Challenge this weekend under terrible weather conditions. 

They had agreed they wanted to try and complete the challenge within 24hrs so we had to make sure we kept to a strict plan. I had agreed to do all the driving so they were relying on me to keep sharp and get them to the next climb as quickly as possible. 

After 8.5hrs we arrived at Fort William. They started Ben Nevis at 2:45pm in heavy rain which persisted throughout the climb. With very poor visibility and freezing temperatures they lost each other briefly at the top then finally reached the summit finding each other there after a gruelling 2hrs 50mins. Needing a quicker descent so often running to make time up they arrived back down in a total time of 4hrs 30mins, a very good time. 

After a 7hr drive to Scafell Pike we arrived in the dark in heavy rain at 2:15am at Wasdale Head.  Both feeling tired they set off in pitch darkness at 2:45am with their head torches and map. After a very difficult ascent very wet and slippery underfoot they reached the summit in just over 2hrs and returned for 6:45am, 4hrs in total and another good time. 

They were both feeling very tired physically and mentally. It was also a tiring 6hr drive to Snowdon but we had to make sure we arrived no later then 11:30am as they had to finish before 2:45pm. We arrived at 11:22am and they were still determined they wanted to complete within 24hrs so they got ready in the van and decided not to take a rucksack just carry water by hand so they could run down easier if they needed to.
It was drizzling when we arrived but the sun came out after an hour so they had a clear run down which they did and finished in 2hrs 50mins a fantastic time and meant that the final time was 23hrs 37minutes! 

I want to thank James and Ray for doing this they both worked very hard to complete it under 24hrs, also thank you to the people who have sponsored them. 

The rest of the team are doing the UK 3Peaks on 21st and 22nd July. So you still have time to sponsor us or donate online at:

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