This was Kyle Revill’s 3rd fight and the first time he has fought 5×2 minute rounds and his performance was very good, he took his time and didn’t rush into anything. He used his leg kick very well from the start of the first round and throughout the fight and by the last round his opponent’s leg was very swollen. His opponent who was more experienced had a very strong left body kick and used it well, he also had good knees in the clinch but Kyle also landed some strong knees and was much better with his hands landing a strong left hook at the very end of the first round that wobbled his opponent who was saved by the bell. Kyle was consistent throughout the fight and worked well scoring with the leg kick, some strong punches to the body and knees in the clinch overall it was a good fight and we were convinced Kyle had worked harder and done more damage by the end, however the judges didnt see it that way and gave it to the other fighter!! So well done to Kyle a great performance even though we didn’t get the decision.

James Ogden fought Nick Wilson for an English title his second within 4 weeks. Both fighters started off slowly and it was pretty much even in the first round. James found his range in the second and started to out score Nick who looked a bit fazed. James stepped up his pace again in the 3rd round scoring with great leg kicks and strong left hooks. The 4th round was an exciting round with Nick stepping up his pace and showing he was still in the fight. James came out in the 5th very strong and fast and although Nick still was dangerous he couldn’t quite match James’s strength. A unanimous points decision to James who now is 2x English Champion.

Final fight was Thomas McCormick vs James France for a World Title. This was always going to be a tough fight for Thomas against an experienced and tough opponent. Thomas started off very good using his teep to the leg and face and landing some strong body and leg kicks as well as some good knees in the clinch. James looked very strong with a wide stance and he kept the centre of the ring throughout the first 2 rounds scoring with body kicks and landing some strong punches. Thomas was catching the body kick and tried to put James down a few times but James was too strong. By the 3rd James had started to gain control in the clinch turning Thomas off balance many times and throwing him to the floor. Thomas was always dangerous using his slippery style footwork and landed some solid elbows and punches from a distance and continued to land strong body kicks. In the 4th and 5th tactically James used his strength in the clinch very well repeatedly taking Thomas down to the canvas when he had the chance which was taking its toll on Thomas. James’s work rate was slightly higher throughout the fight and his strength in the clinch was a definite advantage and towards the end of the final round Thomas new he was beaten and knew James couldn’t be stopped and he graciously and maturely conceded defeat. It was a great fight to watch and we were very sad for Thomas but what a great opponent to lose to, we have always rated James France as THE best fighter in the UK at that weight, Thomas will grow even stronger from this fight and one day he will become the World Champion he deserves to be.

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