Rising Junior Stars – A recognition

Rising Junior Stars – A recognition

Many people don’t realise the importance of our junior fighters and how these students are the future of not only Wicker Camp but the future of Muay Thai nationally. Many of our past and current champion fighters began in our junior classes, Imran Khan, Christian DiPaolo, Thomas McCormick, James Ogden, other senior fighters such as Jamie Woodward,  Jaz Meates(Junior Champion), Lewis Lazenby, Lee Chesters, Daniel Hudson, Darren Casltedine, Ali Arshid, Majid Khan began in their late teens and have grown up with Wicker Camp. (There have been so many over the years and you can find them all on our fighters page.)

It is important that juniors are recognised, nurtured and respected in the same way as our senior fighters, they put in the same hard work and dedication as their senior counterparts; parents too must be recognised as they play an important role finding time in their busy lives to ensure their kids meet the training committment which is 5 nights a week! So from time to time I will be introducing these new rising stars to you so you can recognise and support them when you see them in the gym.

James Pierce is one of them, 14yrs old (English Champion) has been training with Wicker Camp for several years now and is already quite an experienced fighter. He is a very skilful technical fighter who has so much potential as a senior fighter one day. He is fighting this Sunday in Alrtincham against a slightly less experienced fighter but James will be giving 3-4kg away so it will be a tough fight and test of his strength. We wish him good luck.

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