Team Sparring


Wicker Camp Team Sparring is set for Sunday 15th July.

This event will be in aid of the British Heart Foundation and is open to any graded student that wants to take part.

Team Sparring is an in-house event that has been going 15 years whereby students are put into 2 teams, red and blue and are matched up with someone else from the gym to do 3×1.5 minutes of sparring. You have a team captain and your bout is judged by Mick (the contact is light and controlled) and the winning team recieves the most prized Wicker Camp Team Sparring Championship Cup.

This event will be coupled with the Wicker Camp Awards Ceremony. This is a chance to recognise and reward students and Instructors for their achievements and effort over the last 12 months. So even if you’re not taking part you should come along to support the charity and your fellow students sparring and you never know you may receive an award yourself.

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