Tonight’s classes


Sparring class at 5pm; 10+ rounds of sparring for all levels of ability. Instruction in clinchwork, getting into range and some useful counter attacks. Improve your sparring skills at your own pace with these light, informal sessions.

“Mick’s World of Pain” at 7pm; If you think you’re strong (or you know you’re NOT), come down to this incredible strength & conditioning class and test your limits! Extremely popular event here at Wicker Camp. Anyone/everyone welcome to sample the torturous delights on offer. Come and watch our fighters in turmoil or have a try at some truly “old school”, unusual fighter’s exercises using medicine ball, chains, ladders and sandbags, to name a few. Come early as this class can get busy.

Adult beginner’s Muay Thai at 8pm; A complete intro to Muay Thai tonight for anyone wishing to learn the basics of how to kick, knee, punch, elbow and defend against anyone. An easy, informal atmosphere ensures you will learn at a sensible, progressive pace. First lesson is FREE.

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