Ground-breaking new punchbags at Wicker Camp.


Just arrived…….We have two new punchbags here at Wicker Camp. Drastically designed and radically different from anything you have EVER seen. The new “PUNCH-BACK” punchbags will be in use for Tuesday’s Thai Bagwork class at 8pm. Come on down and give them a try.

These new “PUNCH-BACK” punch bags are cleverly Patented and set to revolutionize current training methods for ALL fighters. Whether you practice Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Taekwon-Do or Karate you will not believe how this new punch bag can transform your training. Come down for a look or give them a try. (please re-post)

Mon,Wed,Fri mornings @ 10am/Tues,Thurs eves @ 8pm.

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