Muay Thai personal tuition with Mick Mullaney.


Great news for everyone!!!  Mick has decided to start teaching private lessons again. One-to-one or small group tuition in Muay Thai (maximum 6 students). His tuition will be available to everyone wishing to learn authentic Muay Thai at any level, and is not just restricted to Wicker Camp students, but open to anyone wishing to learn our devastating fighting art. Whether it is for general fitness, Muay Thai self defence, Ring preparation, stamina training, strength & conditioning, flexibility or technique practice, Mick will give you the skills you need to be successful and reach your MAX potential. Please note: in order to guarantee improvement, this type of training can be extremely intense.

A “one-off”  private lesson with Mick will cost £30. This cost can be shared by up to 6 students and works out at only £5 per lesson.

A “block booking” of five lessons with him will cost £125. This cost can also be shared by up to six students and works out at less than £21 for FIVE LESSONS (to keep costs down).

All lessons should be booked in advance and are by appointment only. 24 hours notice needed for cancellations (or £5 ‘no show’ fee will apply)

Email: mick@wickercamp.co.uk , Gym landline: 0114 279 5470 , Mick’s personal number: 07801 273 124.

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