Mick’s World of Pain @7pm tonight.


Well, today’s the day…. that once weekly event that everyone is waiting for!

If YOU think you are strong (or would like to be) why not come to a Strength & Conditioning class that will push you to your absolute limits? Every exercise is specifically designed to push you to the very edge of what you think you can do.

The session is open to anyone – not just our Thai Boxers – and will put you through HELL for a one hour experience you’ll never forget. Tonight we are unveiling a new piece of apparatus that is truly the definition of hardcore. It’ll build your shoulders, triceps, pecs, forearms and especially….. your whole core. We guarantee you’ve NEVER seen this apparatus ANYWHERE else and it will teach you a whole lot about yourself and what you are capable of.

The class will be very busy so come early to avoid disappointment. Session starts at 7pm

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