A bit about Mark Poole.


Mark Poole, affectionately known as “Pooley”, has been training at Wicker Camp for just over 17 years. His Muay Thai ring name was “Banlaikan”(Slippery Demon). He’s had six Muay Thai fights but retired from fighting many years ago. He’s been in with some big names like World Muay Thai champion Andy Howson, European Muay Thai  champion Matthew Johnson and British Muay Thai champ Paul Spinks. Pooley’s last fight, in Scotland, was a fantastic win for him with a stunning head kick KO over a very tough opponent from Carlyle.

He’s been married to his wife, Rachel for 13 years and they have two lovely boys.

Mick on Pooley:

“Don’t be fooled by Pooley’s harmless, likeable image…He was a ferocious fighter in his day with great skills and if you get in the ring with him you need to know one thing – He never gives up!”

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