A tribute to Helene Garnett


A tribute to Helene Garnett

Helene started as any beginner starts in our beginner classes wanting to get fit and try something new.

9 years on and she has successfully dominated the 66-70kg weight category in womens Muay Thai becoming 2x World, European, British and Muay Thai Against Drugs Champion and has fought in New York and Thailand.

She has also become a valued member of Wicker Camp’s instructor team teaching Muay Thai in our classes and in personal tuition.

As a fighter Helene always gave 100% to her training, extremely committed through the fighters programme she always ran 5 miles every day as well as her Muay Thai training which was sometimes 2x per day. She was always on top of her diet and fought in great physical condition.

At 38 she has now decided to retire from the ring with nothing more to prove and to concentrate on her future career. As well as teaching Muay Thai she is also a Zumba coach and is studying to be a personal fitness trainer.

She has been a credit to the sport and to Wicker Camp and I am sure she will continue to inspire people for years.

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