Trix’s bike ride Thursday


Thursday 8th Nov

We cycled from kompong cham on the mekong river to Kompong Thom 110km. It was a bit overcast at 7am this morning when we started which is welcomed but very humid. My knees had swollen up last night and were still a bit sore this morning so I took my time and had a relatively steady cycle up to lunch. After lunch the regular pain relief had started to kick in and I was able to push myself harder and had some good hard runs. It got really hot and sunny by mid afternoon (37degrees) and we were cycling into the sun which added to the challenge. 

The countryside was very lush and tropical at this time of year (as it’s still monsoon season) with banana and rubber plantations and beautiful unspoilt jungle which sometimes has to double as the loo. It has rained heavily at times but fortunately in the evening when we have finished cycling. The roads were pretty bad in places today, dirt or gravel tracks pitted with potholes and around the towns and villages it’s pretty busy with big trucks. They drive like insane people with no concept of traffic regulations, they don’t give way, they don’t stop at red lights and the Cambodians are renowned to be very fast drivers (great when you’re on a bike).

The water stops weve been taking are at the roadside usually under a tree to get some shade but the fruit stops are at local people’s homes; they provide fruit, nuts, biscuits and refreshments. 80% of people in Cambodia are farmers and the main crop is rice which has just started to be harvested. When the rice crop turns yellow it’s ready to be cut and then they dry it out on big sheets along the roadside.

Friday is our last day of cycling and weve got a final 66km (a total of 433km) to our final destination Angkor Wat, one of the ‘wonders of the world’. Until then thanks for taking the time.

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