Classes tonight here at Wicker Camp.


Muay Thai sparring class.

Tonight’s fast paced sparring class welcomes a documentary film-making crew, who will be doing some filmimg here at Wicker Camp! (so please don’t knock the lights and tripods over…)  This class is open to all levels and abilities. It’s 90 mins of non stop sparring practice, boxing, kick sparring, neck-wrestling and conditional sparring drills. Tonight & Every Friday at 5pm.

Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning class.

There’s a slightly new format to “Mick’s World of Pain” this evening with a more structured stretch for the less experienced among you.  Please have a go on our newest addition tonight…. a cool, crippling calf cruncher! This apparatus will make you think your calves are going to explode, used in Thailand to develop incredible kicking power and diamond-hard calves. Come early to avoid disappointment. Tonight & every Friday at 7pm.

Muay Thai Adult Beginner’s class.

Pooley’s got a great post-Halowe’en Muay thai class planned for you all this evening. Tonight & every Friday at 8pm.

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