Day 3 Cambodia


Ive lost a sense of time its so bloody hot 36degrees. We start at 7am and usually arrive at 5pm. So cycling all day (with regular breaks) but through the heat and sun it makes it extremely hard. We crossed the border into Cambodia yesterday and finished in Svep Rieng 80km. Today weve cycled to Kompong Cham on the Mekong River 107km! Too much to say as I’m knackered but the scenery is awesome people so friendly fed up of saying hello, really must have said it hundreds of times! Seen some wierd stuff like 2 pigs on the back of a motorbike, deep fried chicken heads and feet, an elephant on the back of a truck! Some beautiful sights too, sunset and sunrise over the Mekong River, flooded fields with 100’s of lily pads floating and an abundance of wildlife, baby water buffalo grazing. Passed through villages who hardly ever see foreigners, passed beautiful temples and pogodas too.

Im doing Wicker Camp proud really pushing hard on some stages and coming in in top 2 and 3 🙂 Tomorrow is another mammoth ride 110km to Kompong Thom praying it rains or is cloudy. Trix


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